Urban Planting Project

Sustainable actions that unite the environment and food.

Upp proposes urban food production through the hydro-aquaponic system, generating various advantages such as increased biodiversity, health benefits and community cohesion.

Their proposed solutions are:

1.Greening the facades and roofs

2.Promote autonomous food

3. Cultivation through hydro and aquaponics

4. Experiment how to grow food more efficiently in small urban spaces

5. Carrying out activities and actions to share knowledge and promote greening techniques in the city and the cultivation of food at home, schools and communities.


Services & Workshops

Services for companies, communities and institutions

  • Green facades and roofs.
  • implementation and classes of urban garden as part of the ecological strategy of the company or entity.
  • Technical and theoretical preparation plus installation of hydro-aquaponic system.

Workshops for educational centers

  • Seedling workshop for students with educational plan and material
  • Green facade exterior and interior patios
  • Creation, implementation and classes of urban garden as part of the ecological strategy of the educational center
  • Urban garden workshops with a focus on climate change.

All services and workshops are formulated and established according to the needs of companies, centers, etc. evaluated in detail by the Upp team.

More information contact: info@urbanplanting.org

Climate Awareness Workshop for Schools

Urban Planting Project has created a special workshop to raise awareness about climate change and food sovereignty.

The workshop consists of two activities, one dedicated to sustainable education and a performing activity.

Both aim to make students understand the importance of reconnecting with nature and protecting it. Learn to take care of our food and know that we can create our own green space at home.

Seed Workshop, learn at school and apply it at home!

Upp proposes the practice of creating your own seed orchard at school and then applying it at home as well, in addition to learning how to do it using recycled materials.

It is a collaborative workshop among students so that together they recognize the importance of planting and community care.


The Breath of the Forest by Annamaria Giacomelli

The performative work complements the seed workshop, helping to understand the relationship between nature and the human being.

The original work has several stories having a total of 1 hour of performance, to make it more dynamic and accompany the seed workshop, the work is reduced to 20 minutes, selecting only one of the stories, where the friendship of many years of a man and a tree

For more information on the Climate Awareness Workshop, contact info@urbanplanting.org