The Hub

At Akasha Barcelona the concept of Hub is synonymous with Knowledge and Transformation. A space in constant learning where it builds itself horizontally to create, participate and evolve.

We started since 2017 building Akasha hub with the mission of generating new models for a social and human good, connecting with diverse talents to create proposals to the nearest environment: OUR NEIGHBORHOOD, and from there, we have shared experiences, knowledge and learned new ways to grow by and for the community.

We are Community-Physical Space sharing the same Vision.


Our members are a fundamental part of the project, they are the engine, the strength and the illusion.

The diversity of Akasha Hub members, nationalities and experience, makes each contribution of knowledge unique, valuable and differential, which leads us to create actions-projects with a local focus and with global impact.


830m2 of possibilities distributed in 2 warehouses in the Barrio del Clot. A warehouse for thinking, projects, activities, residencies, co-working… and another space for the materialization of ideas, experimentation, manufacturing. And shared spaces such as kitchen, patio, chillout area, meeting rooms and orchard.



We want to be a local and global reference of decentralized and self-managed community. Able to offer innovative solutions to citizens and the neighborhood so that they have resources and models to build, improve or create together a sustainable society.  Achieve a first impact and that is replicable in any other neighborhood in the world.

Decentralized. Self-Managed.

With the challenge of being a Physical DAO, we built our organization within a sociocratic structure, being the members of Akasha Hub responsible for the operation and economic sustainability of the project.

The structure consists of 11 circles, which 9 circles are management and decision-making for members involved with more than 3 months of membership.

The base circle is for new members who will not be within any specific circle, but who will start learning and integrating into Akasha Hub. The circle of volunteers is for all those who want to contribute and collaborate in specific actions.

Apart from the participation of the members in each circle we also integrate the exchange of value for contributions of work and collaboration according to the needs of Akasha Hub.

We are currently in the Development Phase of a TOKENIZATION system where we can value the contributions in a more dynamic and effective way for the well-being of the community.

I want to be part of AKASHA Hub!

To start the process of being part of Akasha Hub you have to follow three important steps:

1. Get to know the Project

Contact us and we will schedule a visit to get to know each other. We will tell you all about Akasha Hub, our values, vision, we will show you the spaces, the fees, your benefits and the conditions.

2. Become a Member

If the experience of the visit has been rewarding, and you are also aligned with the values, conditions and benefits of Akasha Hub, we can start with the membership process.

3. Participate and Collaborate

This is where your big step begins, you are already part of our community. You will start your participation within the base circle, you will know how it works and you will be able to collaborate on projects or create new ones.

External Services

Spaces-Warehouses for Shootings

Two industrial warehouses available for shooting, advertising, cinema or digital production. It is rented by the day or mid-morning/mid-afternoon.

Rent Spaces for Meetings and Activities

It is rented by the day or hour for activities such as conferences, meetings, workshops, etc. aligned with educational, social and sustainable values.


Sustainable Projects Advisory

We offer advice on the creation and production of sustainable projects:  bioconstruction, blockchain, urban gardens, art-science creations and neighborhoods of the future.

Welcome to Akasha Hub

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