Be part of AKASHA Hub

We are a community of creators and thinkers focused on building a more sustainable society through experimentation and innovation. You can also take part and collaborate as best suits you at this time.

How can you collaborate?

1. AKASHA Friends

Belonging to AKASHA Friends is the easiest way to collaborate. With 5€ a year you help us pay the rent then you can come to any event we do in the hub and receive our monthly newsletter. Find more information here .

2. Actively collaborate

Bring your ideas and join us in our Barcelona hub or on Slack to discover how we can make the impossible possible! We'll be happy to explain our project and keep you up to date on our progress.

Let's get started and make a difference!

3. Utilize our coworking space

If you need a space to design, prototype, or create a project, surrounded by like-minded individuals, our hub is the perfect place for you. Take advantage of our services and be inspired by our hub .

4. Help us with a donation

We are a project promoted and self-financed by our members and volunteers. Therefore, your donation helps us enormously to achieve our goals.