Green City Lab

The green lung of El Clot.

Let’s build together the New Model of Urban Gardens.

Hub Networks

Collaborative network for social impact.

Akasha Hub is the first point to start the network. We seek to connect with other hubs in the world to connect and share information for local and community development.


A hybrid project that mixes ART + SCIENCE

A proposal to re-imagine public lighting in green urban spaces and at the same time is a work of art multitask perfomative.

Urban Planting Project

Sustainable actions that unite environment and food

Upp proposes the urban production of food through the hydroponic system generating various advantages such as the increase of biodiversity, health benefits and community cohesion.

A new world of social interaction.

Transparency, decentralization and collaboration. New ways of interconnecting between people and projects.

Off Topic Films

Off Topic Films was born out of a need to communicate the inspiring stories we were observing in contemporary society. Our hope is that, in sharing diverse perspectives and emotionally impactful tales of resiliance, we can help to create a more empathetic, inquisitive society. Together we can disrupt the social paradigm.