Let’s re-invent the future of society, together.

AKASHA Hub is a decentralized project and a self-managed community, with its main node in Barcelona.

We are a community with diverse professional profiles that connect people, projects and agents to generate sustainable ideas, find possibilities for innovation and develop new models of society at the GLOCAL level.

Participate in our community.

We are looking for new collaborators and members who inspire us with their ideas and vision, who value “The Exchange of Knowledge” to build together a better society.

of possibilities

We have spaces for creation, thought/ action, activities, co-working, laboratory, design and manufacturing.  

Two warehouses located in the Clot, economically supported by its members with the purpose of contributing to the neighborhood and its ecosystem.


Since 2017 hundreds of people have passed through AKASHA HUB Barcelona, contributing ideas, connecting, creating projects and inspiring us.

Philosopher, Programmer, Designer, Engineer, Artist, Sociologist, Digital Nomad, Educator, Architect, Producer, Communicator, Doctor…


We currently have projects created in Akasha Hub and others in collaboration. We are always generating new proposals and connecting with talents with the desire to generate social change. If you want to participate in one of the projects or have an idea, contact us.

Green City Lab

The green lung of El Clot

Hub Networks

Collaborative network for social impact


A new world of social interaction


We organize and host activities, workshops, conferences… related to local social innovation, sustainability, blockchain, education, governance, technological activism, design, software, hardware, environment, transversal thinking, decentralized applications…

Do you have an idea of activity and do not have space? Write to us at hub@akasha.barcelona or follow us on meetup and sign up for upcoming events.

Follow our Telegram channel to keep up to date with our activities and events.

Akasha Hub Barcelona is a self-funded project.